A year or two from now, when Storyknife is up and running, we will host as many as 144 women for residencies each year.  Because life happens, some of those women will have to cancel.  Many programs allow the cancelled residency to go unfilled, but we have a better idea.

We are offering a unique opportunity for our $50,000 donors to get onto the cancellation list.  Donors at this level will be added to the list in the order that their donation was received.  When we have a cancellation, we will invite the first person on the list (or their designee) to fill the residency.  The resident must be a woman, and she will enjoy the full privileges (and responsibilities) of a Storyknife resident.

If the person at the top of the list cannot attend for the dates specified, we will move to the next name and so on until the residency is filled.  Donors will maintain their relative position on the cancellation list until they (or their designee) fills a residency, at which time they will be removed from the list.  This way, the name at the top of the list will receive the opportunity to fill each cancellation until they can accept one, at which time, their name is removed and the next name takes the #1 spot.

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