We are currently accepting donations via the PayPal “Donate” button top right.

Supporters who wish to pay by check (and spare us the PayPal fee) can send their donations to:

Storyknife Writers Retreat
PO Box 489
Homer, Alaska 99603

Or if you’d like to wire deposit a little something, Storyknife’s account is at Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, routing number 325272021, account number 1700017537906.

Storyknife is an IRS-certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Your donation is fully deductible.

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15 thoughts on “Support”

  1. What a truly wonderful way to pay it forward and ensure the next generations have an outlet to create works for the rest of us to enjoy! Thank you for thinking of this.

  2. A. N-Liriano said:

    I admire your dedication to the craft and the incredible gift this effort will provide to future writers. As someone who has spent her whole career in the not-for-profit sector, I wish you many blessings with this endeavor. I know you wouldn’t turn-down an amount smaller than $1K, how about a level for the rest of us?

  3. Randi Day said:

    A great idea! A small donation…and a wish that I had more to give in return for all the pleasurable hours I have spent with your books.

  4. storyknife said:

    We’re happy to accept any amount people would like to donate. And thank you both!

  5. This is wonderful. I’d like to create a fundraising widget for you to place on my blog (the audience is authors), will you let us know if/when the tax-exemption goes through? I believe that’ll get you in the database at where we can take your fundraising viral. Though, maybe there are other ways? In the meantime, best of luck to you. This is a beautiful idea and I look forward to seeing it come to life. I will share your story on my blog.

    • storyknife said:

      Thank you so much, Taughnee. Anything that helps us make the fundraising go viral is immensely appreciated. And the moment our 501(c)(3) approval comes through we will be announcing it as loudly as we can.

  6. Sharon Genaux said:

    Hi, I sent you a check by snail mail on April 15th an have not seen my name in the donations list yet. It must be a very slow snail! Can you check to see if it has arrived yet? Thanks.

    • storyknife said:

      Sharon –

      This is Nathan posting. Thanks so much for sending your check. Since Dana has been away, she has not gotten to the mail in a couple weeks. Please check back early next week and we will have your name up there (and probably many more from mailed checks as well!)

      Sorry for the confusion.

  7. Susan Robertson said:

    I made a donation to Storyknife on April 14, 2013 through PayPal. Do you list all donars under “Thank You” or just the ones who give the larger amounts?

    • storyknife said:

      Susan – We are so sorry! We do indeed have record of your generous donation from April 14th. Somehow your name slipped though the cracks. We have added it to the list on the Thank You page now. Thanks so much for contacting us, and Thank you for your donation!.

  8. Hi there
    have subscribed to newsletter. The category “zip code” only works for US citizens and currently only respects an input of 5 ciphers. If you change to a more open entry field there, us non-US citizens could fill in our whereabouts.

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