2021 Friends of Storyknife

Thank all of you for believing in the power of women’s stories.


Foundation Support

Alaska State Council on the Arts
mj-murdock-charitable-trust sm


Ring of Fire Visionary ($10,000+)

Patrice Krant
Deborah McNeil
John and Rika Mouw
Nancy Nordhoff
Peggy Shumaker and Joe Usibelli
Dana Stabenow

Mount Augustine Circle ($5,000 – $9,999)

Paula Martin
Jeannie Penney

Mount Iliamna Circle ($1,000 – $4,999)

Astrid and Greg Bear
Stephanie G Cotsirilos
Francis Dunleavy
Nora Elliott
Susan Elliott
Macrina Fazio, dedicated to my mother Maria Fazio. She lived her values. This  included the sisterhood of women and a commitment to always lift others.
Katherine Gottlieb
Anne Hanley
Sara Jackinsky
Sally Krusing
Linda R Longstaff, dedicated to one of the best friends I’ve ever had!
Carl Marrs
Jo and Peter Michalski
Sandra Nolfi
Mary Enright Olsen
Barbara Peters
Ann Pontius
Cathy Rasmuson
Virginia Sims
Rhonda Sleighter
Southwest Alaska Pilots Association
Lori Wyzykowski

Mount Douglas Circle ($500 – $999)

Linda Fritz, in honor of Milo & Betsy Fritz
Sharon Ann Genaux   
Diane Glazman           
Sherry Marie Harmes
Lydia Harris    
Barbara Hood, in memory of my mother Betty Jackson Hood
Richard Leirer
Heather Lende
Douglas Preston         
Robert Rosenwald, in memory of Casey
Nadia Sethi    
Nancy Martha Yeaton

Mount Redoubt Circle ($100 – $499)

Kathleen J Alcala        
Jenny Apostol
Heather Aruffo           
Teresa Ascone
Susan Banks   
Sarah Bartons
Linda Beaujean          
Linda Billington          
Diane Bischoff, in memory of “Beau,” Barbara Diehl Pierce who loved Alaska
Barbara Block 
Lynn Blomquist          
Jeff Brady       
Pearl Brower
Laura Brush    
Danalee Buhler          
Susan Butler, in honor of Dana whose writings bring be great pleasure
Chris Caldwell
Abigail Calkin 
Phoebe Call    
Richard Chiappone    
Kathy Cooper 
Patrick Coughlin
Maren Curtis  
Jodi Darby, as always, for Mom
Alice R Dick    
Mary Ditkoff  
Julie Ruth Dodds        
Kathryn Dudding        
Avril Anne Dunleavy  
Frances Dupont, in honor of Dean Feetham, Homer’s early ’70’s donut lady, a great story-teller
Daryl Farmer  
JR Fenn           
Margaret Ann Flaherty          
Jessica Forcier
Deirdre Ford  
Charlotte Fox 
Linda Franklin
Donna L Freedman    
Scott Gere, dedicated to Doris & Russ Riemann
Dixie Gillespie
Judy Gonsalves          
Kate Gray       
Patricia Green
Patricia Jean Hale, in Memory of Jean J. Hale
Barb Harrington, dedicated to Jacquelyn Harrington, my mom
Susan Hilton   
Marybeth Holleman, dedicated to Sherry Simpson, in memoriam
Mary Hollowell
Homer Bookstore                  
Anna Huntington-Kriska        
Eowyn Ivey
Bonnie Jack    
Jessica Jacobs and Nickole Brown, with our thanks to Erin Coughlin Hollowell and all the literature and light she brings to the world
Eric Johnson and Marilyn Lee
Linda Keyes    
Parker Kimball
Adrian Elizabeth Koesters Ph.D.
Sharon Kofta  
Susan Kraus    
Janie Leask     
Sally Elizabeth Lowry 
Amy Maher    
Janet Matulia, dedicated to Barbara (Beau) Diehl Pierce
Kristine McRae, dedicated to Eva
Nora Mena     
Marie Mockett
Debbie Clarke Moderow                   
David Myers   
Kathy Nardi, to my creative and loving sister Erin Coughin Hollowell
Greg Neff       
Antoinette Neil
Diane Nolan   
Nancy Nydegger        
Kathy Odsather          
Amy Pence     
Amy Penney   
Lauren Peters 
Sue Post         
Joan Quigley  
Theresa Quiner          
Ann Randall    
Carol Richards, thinking of Sherry Simpson
Cathy Rose     
Rotary Club of Homer Downtown     
Priscilla Royal 
Mary Rumpho-Kennedy        
Allison S Wheeler, in honor of my dear daughter, Abby
Helen Schwartz          
Roberta Smith
Sueann Snow 
Susan Somborovich, dedicated to Ruth Gibson
Jenny Stroyeck           
Kim and Eric Steutermann Rogers     
Carol Sturgulewski     
Susan Sugai, in memory of Frank Soos
Carol Swartz   
Lisa Talbott    
Marcia Talley, in honor of the sisterhood of breast cancer survivors
Laura Thomas
Dana Thorp Patterson
Carri Thurman
Tracey Tillion 
Janice Todd    
JoAnne Tompkins      
Janet Trettner
Kathleen and William Tschinkel, in memory of Beau Diehl Pierce
Reinetta Van, in honor of Quintan Ana Wikswo: humanitarian, artist, poet, photographer, singer, dancer
Sarah Waechtler        
Elyn Walker, Sending W I  N G S – Women’s Inspiration from Nature for Grace and Strength
Howard Weaver, in thanks for all the storytellers on whose words we all depend
Joyce Jean Wilcox      
Sandra Yannone         
Myrna Yee

Mount Spurr Circle (<$100)

Martha Amore           
Carol Ann Marash      
Jennifer Badot
Marey Bailey  
Peggy Baker 
JoAnn Balingit, in honor of Pinay writers everywhere
Sandra Beasley          
Kathryn Bertine, to all women writers: Your voice matters
Jennifer Bills   
Melanie Bishop          
Elise Boyer, for all the women who were ever told to stop using big words as students
Sarah Bresniker          
Deborah Bussewitz    
Phoebe Call    
Bill Capossere
Lisa Morin Carcia       
Doni Chamberlain, to all the women writers with untold stories left to tell
Andrea Chambers      
Ann Chandonnet        
Tierney Chapman      
Mary Corey    
Brittney Anne Corrigan          
Nancy J Coughlin        
Mary-Terese Cozzola 
Lauren Crux    
Pamela Daum
Carol Dee, dedicated to Brett Glidden
Kate Carroll De Gutes, because Erin Coughlin Hollowell rocks
Martha Demoski        
Ann R Dixon   
Catherine Doonan     
Sandra Duncan          
Steve Duprey, for Cindy Duprey
Susan Dyer     
Felicia Etzkorn
Ellen Evans     
Ann Fisher-Wirth       
Liz Flaherty, thank you for what you’re doing
Gwen Florio   
Martha Foree 
Michael Fredericks    
Jane Geiger    
Jennie Goode 
Tracy Green   
Karen Grinnell
Kim Haller      
Mercedes Harness     
Brooke Hartman        
John and Virginia Himmelheber        
Virginia Ann Hipszky, dedicated to Dana Stabenow
Erin Coughlin Hollowell         
Gregory Hurd, thank you to Dana Stabenow
Jill M. Johnson
Kathryn Jones
Kasey Jueds    
Debbie Karimullah     
Aase Karine Dane       
Carol Kaynor, in memory of Frank Soos, who supported so many of us over the years
Toni Kay Kief  
Janet L Ghilarducci, dedicated to Kathleen Yamauchi
Julie Lambert
Elaine Lawrence, thank you to talented women who give words which speak my heart
Emily Lerner   
Maryann Lesert         
Robert Lewis  
Martha Lingua-Wheless        
Patrick Livecchi, for Eva
Heather Liz     
Faye Luppi      
Kathleen Lyons          
Hannah Markley        
Claudia Mauro, to the future
Shirley Mc Fall, with thanks to Dana for making her wonderful idea a reality
Crissi McDonald         
Bridget Bell McMahon           
Karen McPherson      
Carrie Mesrobian       
Brenda Miller 
Denise Miller, thank you for making a place for us!
Daniella Mini  
Mihaela Moscaliuc     
Miles Nay       
Dawn P Neely-Randall
Tracie Nichols
Patsy Nies, in honor of Mutt
Betty Olin       
Cherilyn Parsons        
Jennifer Pavich           
Laura Lee Perkins       
Mary Persyn   
Elizabeth Pevec          
Ann Quinn, in memory of Sherry Simpson
Vicki Randolph           
Kate Rich        
Ellen Ronan    
Colette Sartor
Sally Schneider           
Tina Schumann, in memory of Sherry Simpson. For her humor, her Joie de vivre, her brilliant mind and the precious memories I go to again and again…
Tammy Smith 
Sherri Smith   
Kathy Smith   
Amy Smithers
Linda Solaya   
Christina Spencer       
Shirley Svoboda         
Kymberly Taylor         
Jill Thomas, dedicated to Laura Thomas, a friend and supporter of Storyknife and women’s stories
Aleesha Towns-Bain  
Pamela Uschuk          
Judy Voelker  
Sarah Vogwill 
Naomi Williams         
DaRa Williams
Lisa Wolf        
Nancy Yeager 

Thank you!

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