Storyknife is an IRS-certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.
Your donation is fully deductible.

Make Her Mark

What better legacy for that important woman in your life than to have her name woven into the very fabric of Storyknife itself?

The main house.

The main house is fully funded at $250,000. It is named Eva’s House in honor of Eva Saulitus.

Name either the Library or the Great Room inside the Main House:
Donate $100,000 and the first name of the woman of your choice will be prominently displayed on a custom-made sign in one of these two rooms. Their names will be seen by everyone who walks in the door of Storyknife, every writer, every employee, every sponsor and every visitor, a memory that will endure so long as Storyknife exists.

Name a Cabin:
Donate $50,000 and the first name of the woman of your choice will be prominently displayed above the door of a cabin. Cabin sponsors include:

  • Arliss Sturgulewski, naming her cabin for her daughter-in-law, Carol.
  • Jeannie Penney, naming her cabin for her mother, Betty Rice.
  • Cathy Rasmuson, naming her cabin for Halibut Cove artist Diana Tillion.
  • Atwood Foundation, naming their cabin for Alaskan author Evangeline Atwood.
  • A fifth cabin has been pledged but is not yet named.
  • Click here to help fund the effort to name the sixth cabin for Sue Grafton. Read more about it here.

Name the Infrastructure.

Maybe not as sexy as naming a building, but necessary and in some ways even more fun. Here goes:

  • Septic system — $50,000 A sign on the leech field. As in, “Dana’s Septic System.”
  • Well and water — $25,000 A sign near the wellhead.
  • Power — $20,000 A sign near the power distribution box.
  • Main parking and construction pads — $20,000 A sign as you drive onto the property.
  • Handicapped cabin additional costs — $6,000 A sign in front of the cabin.
  • This one is a want, not a need — $125,000 to bring in natural gas, cost as estimated by Enstar. Natural gas would significantly lower our operating costs. A sign where the gas line came in to the property.

Name a Garden or Trail Spot:
Donate $10,000 and the first name of the woman of your choice will be prominently displayed on a bench or custom sign. (12 available.)

The trail follows the lot lines of the Storyknife property, with spectacular views from every foot of it. See photos here.

Click here to Make Her Mark

This will allow you to make a donation via Paypal. Please see instructions below to donate by check. If you chose Paypal, please click the “Add special instructions to the seller” note on the payment page and let us know how you’d like to make her mark.
We’ll contact you for the details.

Mount Iliamna Founders Circle

Members of the Mount Iliamna Founders Circle can make a one-time donation of $1000 or more, or donate $100 each month via credit or debit card.

Please donate at least $1000 to be part of this community bringing Storyknife to life.
Click here to join the Iliamna Founders Circle. This will allow you to make a donation via Paypal. Please see instructions below to donate by check or wire transfer.

Other Ways to Support Storyknife

Every donation helps make Storyknife a reality. We gratefully receive donations in any amount, and recurring monthly donations are particularly helpful. Please know that your donations are tax deductible and any amount helps us keep this fundraising campaign going until we meet our $1,000,000 goal for building the entire facility. After that time, we’ll also need funds to keep the lights on, food on the table, and pay the staff.

For example:
$200 each month ($2400 per year) – can feed a writer
$100 each month ($1200 per year) – can grow a garden
$40 a month ($480 per year) – can bring the light to a cabin
$25 a month ($300 per year) – can connect a writer (internet/phone for a cabin for the year)

Please consider donating in any amount. Click here to set up monthly donations of any amount or a one time donation in any amount. Or see the information below on how to donate by check.


Supporters who wish to pay by check (and spare us the PayPal fee) can send their donations to:

Storyknife Writers Retreat
PO Box 75
Homer, Alaska 99603

Storyknife is an IRS-certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.
Your donation is fully deductible.

To receive updates about Storyknife, subscribe to our email list.


Friends of Storyknife

The following is a running list of people* who have donated to help make Storyknife a reality. Thank all of you for believing in the power of women’s stories.


Foundation Support


Members of the Mount Iliamna Founders Circle

The Homer Bookstore
Patrice Krant
Richard Leirer
Linda Longstaff
Paula and Joe Martin
Linda and Larry Martin
Deborah W. McNeil
John and Rika Mouw
Sandra Nolfi
Nancy Nordhoff
Jeannie Penney
Barbara G. Peters
Plumb, Level and Square Fund
Cathy Rasmuson
Robert Rosenwald
Rhonda Sleightor
Southwest Pilots Association
Dana Stabenow
Arliss Sturgulewski
Peggy Shumaker and Joe Usibelli


Friends of Storyknife

Gloria Adams
Kathleen Alcala
Stephen Avery
Susan Banks and Stewart Terry
S. J. Barnsley
Jennifer Bills
Samuel Bishop
Holly Bond
Jeff Brady
Carolyn Bright
Rosa Brooks
Diana Lynn Burroughs
Michael Catoggio
M. Marie Causey-Spence
Christine Caldwell
Faitha Clark
Teresa Cooper
Patrick Coughlin and Sam Przywitowski
Jodi Ellison Darby
Carmen Davis
Catherine Day
Randi Day
Susan Day
Steven R. Defa
Ruth Desmond
Inez Dunn
Nora Elliott
Rebecca Ellis
Ember Press
Dee Ford
Meredith Frazier
Anne Fuller, in memory of her mother
Gateway Women
Sharon Genaux
Cheryl Fox Gnagey
Rebecca Goodrich
Marty Grieger
Frances Haines
Patricia Hamon
Charlaine Harris
Kristin Hatcher
Ernestine Hayes
Merrilee Heffernan
Tiffinie Helmer Author
Virginia Hipszky
Mary Kallenberg and Bob Hartzler
Eowyn Ivey
Elaine Kant
Linda Ketchum
Jennifer Kurzweil
Patrick Livecchi
Nancy Lord
Susan Lord
Sally Muschany Lowry
Colette Lunday
Maggie (Parnassus Books)
Lawrence W. Marbourg
Carl Marrs
Paula Martin
F. B. Matthews
Elina Mavromatis
John McFerran
Marion E. Meserve
Judith Meyer
Stetson Momosor
Melinda Moustakis
Kathy Nardi
Diane E. Nesmeyer
Sandra J. Nolfi – “Please accept this donation to Storyknife in honor of Cathy & Jim Obbema, friends without equal.”
Oak Tree Antiques
Cathy Obbema
Susan Oldreive
Mary Enright Olson
Kate Pavelle
Amy Pence
Don Rearden
Jana Richman
Susan E Robertson
Deborah Robson
Kim Steutermann Rogers
Barbi and Jason Rounds
Anne Ryan
Darlene Simpson
Sherry Simpson
Virginia Sims
Kathy Smith
Sherri Smith
Jenny Stroyeck
Arliss Sturgulewski
Glenda Terry
Laura Thomas
Kelly Thompson
Judy Voelker
Marilyn Walker
Howard Weaver
Mark Weber
Deborah Jackson Weiss
Cathy White (Memorial Gift)
Margo White
Michael Williams
Susan Wingate
Marisa E. Young


Eva’s House Campaign Donations
Our Amazing Matching Donors: Peggy Shumaker and Joe Usibelli
Tele L Aadsen
Donna G R Aderhold
Mary Victoria Anderson
Susan Anderson (in honor of Christine Byl)
JoEllen Arnold
Scott and Jody Banks
Susan V Banks
Karen Benning
Anne L Black-Sinak
Holly Bond
Barbara Britch
Barbara L Buchanan
Annette Byl
Christine Byl
Anne G Canright
Jaqueline Carr Foundation
Jeanne E. Clark
Thomas Clarke
Rebecca Cleary
Tanya Collins
Patrick J Coughlin
Patricia M Crofut
Jodi E Darby
Carmen Davis
Kate Carroll de Gutes
Ann Dixon
Nora Elliott
Mei Mei Evans
Daryl and Joan Farmer
Macrina Fazio
Deirdre D Ford
Donna L Freedman
Anne Fuller
Jane A Geiger
Sharon A Genaux
Susie Gibson
Rebecca Goodrich
Julie L Hodges
Calista Hollyer
The Homer Bookstore
Pamela L Houston
adrienne jacoby
Jessica Jacobs and Nickole Brown
Arlitia Jones
Kathryn Jones
Marion A Jones
Leslie L Jones-Wentz
Jean Fitch Justice
Laurie R. King
Susan Kingston
Joanna M Knapp
Patrice Krant
Marc and Sandra Langland
Janie Leask
Julie LeMay
Patrick L Livecchi
Sara Loewen
Linda Longstaff
Sally Lowry
Carl Marrs
Linda and Larry Martin
Paula J Martin
Deborah Mc Neil
Judith and Gordon Meyer
James A. Misko
Ruby Murray
Kathy Nardi
Sandra Nolfi
Cathy and Jim Obbema
Mary Enright Olson in memory of Rita
barbara g peters
Terry S Rensel
Kim and Eric Rogers
Mary and Bob Rogers
Robert Rosenwald
Ladette Randolph
Hilda Raz
Jana Richman
Eva Ruutopold
Faye Schuett
Ann Schurr
Mary and Charles Sethness Charitable Foundation
Nancy M Shrout-Wankowski
Sheryl A. Simpson
Virginia W. Sims
Rhonda Sleightor
Dana Stabenow
Carol and Roe Sturgulewski
Carol Swartz
Nancy Louise Tague
Kim Steutermann Rogers
Susan Stevens-Briody
Ida Umphers
Valerie Van Brocklin
Judy Voelker
Kyra and Neil Wagner
Vivian Wagner
Elyn Walker
Christy Waltersdorff

…and especially Nancy Nordhoff, founder of Hedgebrook, whose donation put funding for Eva’s House over the top.

Thank you!

*If you prefer to remain anonymous, please include a note with your check, or in the appropriate field when donating through PayPal.











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