The Residency Fellow

In April 2016, Storyknife Writers Retreat held our first open call for a Residency Fellow. Any woman writer over 21 years of age was eligible to apply for a minimum of two and maximum of four weeks during the month of September 2016. The first Storyknife fellow was Kim Steutermann Rogers, chosen by a jury of writers selected by Storyknife. In 2017, we hosted four fellows: Mairead Byrne in June, Megan Donnelly in July, Bea Chang in August, and Ruby Hansen Murray in September. In 2018, as we raise the final funds to bill the entire residency, we will be hosting women writers during the months of June, July, and August. Our 2018 fellows are Casandra Lopez, Ching-In Chen, and Sharbari Ahmed.

The residency cabin has one bedroom and one bathroom with all modern conveniences provided. The kitchen is equipped with a hot plate, a microwave, an electric kettle and a refrigerator. The living room has a desk for writing and a chair for reading. The view is incomparable.

The Storyknife Fellow will sit down to a welcome dinner her first evening at Storyknife with Dana Stabenow and Erin Hollowell, and to a celebratory dinner their last day with Dana and assorted members of the Storyknife board, staff, and advisory council. The rest of their stay the Fellow is expected to purchase food and cook their own meals.

The Fellow will be responsible for transportation costs from where they live to Homer, Alaska. It has been our experience that it is beneficial to have vehicle. For each week she is in residency, the inaugural Fellow will receive a $250 stipend to cover food and transportation costs, to be awarded at the final dinner.

10 thoughts on “The Residency Fellow”

  1. WOW. Storyknife looks fabulous! I’ll be following your progress. Brava!

  2. I am chomping at the bit to apply for a residency. Any updates?

    • storyknife said:

      It turns out we couldn’t have picked a worse year for applying for 501c3, Erin. First the recession so the IRS was swamped with applications, the sequester which limited IRS funds, the business about the 501c4’s which had everyone at the IRS traipsing up to Capitol Hill to testify before Congress, and then…the government shut down. If I wrote this in a novel no one would believe it. We’re hoping to get approval soon, at which time we can start asking for money to get it built. Stay tuned…and do apply when we’re open!

  3. Good for you! All writers need this kind of space and time and very few every receive it. Pulling something like this together, when you are a writer yourself is very admirable. Kudos! Working on Book Two of my mystery series, I’ll be joining the ranks of applicants when you receive your 501c3-or whatever letter and number combination gets it up and running!

  4. I hope this gets built so I can apply. Its so hard trying to write with all the distractions at my house!!

  5. Sign me up!!! I’ve wanted to visit Alaska since first grade. I’m tentatively planning on a trip to Alaska for my 60th birthday next year. Would be wonderful if you were up and running by then! 🙂

  6. I hope things are going well with planning at Storyknife! I cannot make any monetary donations at this time because I am that broke, discouraged, writer that you know so well but if there is any other means to support the project I would be happy to do so. I look forward to applying to the residency someday. Best of luck and much love from upstate NY!

  7. I finally visited Homer this past summer after yearning to experience the area for decades. Exhilaration reigned – and stirs in my soul. The trip was a gift to myself for my 70th birthday. I love reading about the strong, focused women who comprise the backbone of Storyknife’s birth and development. As a women who has five artist-in-residencies under my belt, I can almost smell the air and hear my footsteps entering the Storyknife cottage. Maybe………………

  8. Sally Caldwell said:

    This women’s retreat for writers sounds wonderful. Will you, eventually, open the retreat to writers new to publishing? And will you have workshops as well as the reflection time for writing?
    Thank you for your contribution the greater Alaska community of women engaged in deep thought and self expression.
    Sally Caldwell

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