Thank you

The following is a running list of people* who have donated to help make Storyknife a reality.

Gloria Adams
Kathleen Alcala
Stephen Avery
Susan Banks and Stewart Terry
S. J. Barnsley
Jennifer Bills
Samuel Bishop
Holly Bond
Rosa Brooks
M. Marie Causey-Spence
Christine Caldwell
Faitha Clark
Teresa Cooper
Jodi Darby
Catherine Day
Randi Day
Steven R. Defa
Ruth Desmond
Rebecca Ellis
Ember Press
Anne Fuller, in memory of her mother
Gateway Women
Sharon Genaux
Frances Haines
Patricia Hamon
Charlaine Harris
Kristin Hatcher
Merrilee Heffernan
Tiffinie Helmer Author
Virginia Hipszky
Mary Kallenberg and Bob Hartzler
Eowyn Ivey
Elaine Kant
Linda Ketchum
Jennifer Kurzweil
Susan Lord
Colette Lunday
Maggie (Parnassus Books)
Lawrence W. Marbourg
Paula Martin
John McFerran
Marion E. Meserve
Judith Meyer
Stetson Momosor
Melinda Moustakis
Diane E. Nesmeyer
Sandra J. Nolfi – “Please accept this donation to Storyknife in honor of Cathy & Jim Obbema, friends without equal.”
Oak Tree Antiques
Susan Oldreive
Mary Enright Olson
Kate Pavelle
Amy Pence
Don Rearden
Susan E Robertson
Deborah Robson
Barbi and Jason Rounds
Darlene Simpson
Sherri Smith
Glenda Terry
Laura Thomas
Kelly Thompson
Judy Voelker
Cathy White (Memorial Gift)
Michael Williams
Susan Wingate
Marisa E. Young
Thank you!

*If you prefer to remain anonymous, please include a note with your check, or in the appropriate field when donating through PayPal.

(updated 3/18/16)