501(c)(3) Application is in

Our Non-Profit 501(c)(3) application was filed in mid-January, 2013.  The average time for applicants to hear back from the IRS is 3-6 months.  Any donations we receive before we are awarded non-profit status are not guaranteed to be tax deductible.  IF our 501(c)(3) status is awarded before the end of the year (which is likely) the ‘effective date’ will probably be the filing date (mid January).

Assuming that happens, donations given now should be tax exempt, but we know sometimes stuff happens, and it might not be.  We are trying to be transparent in all things as we go through this process so we will keep you informed of our progress.

If you are interested in supporting Storyknife, you can either sign up to be notified when we have received our 501(c)(3) status and your donations will be tax deductible, or you can give now if you either don’t care about or are willing to take a small chance that your donation may not be tax deductible.

See our sponsorship levels here.

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