Bulletin from our builder


Scott Bauer sent us a construction timeline:

Storyknife Timeline

Before full funding is acquired:

Septic test holes and design
-before breakup ~ April 2013
Extend borough road (Ridge Circle) to lot 9
-after breakup – June 2013
Improve drainage between lots 9 and 10
-after breakup – June 2013

After full funding is acquired:

HEA power extension
Drill well
Driveway to cabins
Cabin foundations
Main house foundation
Septic system install
Water lines to cabins
Construct main house
Construct cabins

The project can be completed in one 6 month building season. The main focus would be to get the structures enclosed during the summer weather with interior finishes in the fall/winter.

Dana adds, “This is predicated on the hope that we get enough funding for construction in the next three months. If we don’t, the timeline gets pushed back a year.”

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