Create the Change You Want to See – #WomensVoicesMatter

create_change2Dear Friends of Storyknife,

We have all come so far in the last year, sometimes in amazing and sometimes in devastating ways. Here at Storyknife, we have raised almost half of what we need to build the physical part of a writers’ retreat for women. But Storyknife is not all about the buildings, not all about the volcanoes, nor the big Alaskan sky that stretches over this beautiful land. Storyknife is about supporting women’s voices and stories. The creation of new work and ideas is essential to cultural progress. Storyknife supports the work of women writers who have historically had fewer opportunities to devote time to their work.

In the past two years, five women have stayed in the Frederica cabin, warming it with their dreams and thoughts and words. They have written essays and short stories and poems, articles and blog posts. They’ve walked on the beach, listened to the constant ripple of the birds, drank coffee sitting on the front porch, and watched the sunset between the volcanoes. The expansive landscape of Storyknife fosters big thoughts and big dreams. Alaska gives women writers an opportunity to dream bigger, writer bigger.

But we can’t do it without your help. By supporting Storyknife, you are fostering the creation and eventual publication of articles, poems, novels, memoirs, and other writing that tells of women’s experiences. Our year-end fundraising goal is $20,000 towards running Storyknife during 2018 as we raise the last fund to build all six cabins and host three women writers in the Frederica cabin. Your donations keep the lights on, help us push forward with the capital campaign, support resident stipends, pay the property taxes, funds all the expenses that nonprofits like Storyknife have.

Storyknife is dedicated to supporting women at every stage of their career from a wide variety of backgrounds. We are committed to the voices of all women. Please consider a tax-deductible donation. We accept donations online at and via check at PO Box 75, Homer, AK 996503.

Thank you for your support. Remember, #WomensVoicesMatter.

Erin Hollowell

P.S. Starting at midnight on November 7, submissions for Storyknife residencies during 2018 will be open. Application here.

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