Storyknife’s Wellspring

Spring-waterA few weeks ago, I wrote to tell you how board member Katherine Gottlieb inspired Storyknife founder Dana Stabenow to apply to Hedgebrook and gifted her with the Storyknife that inspired our name. In so many ways, Katherine has been a wellspring for Storyknife. When Deborah McNeil offered to donate $25,000 for the well and water distribution system for Storyknife and dedicate it to Katherine, we could think of nothing more appropriate.

plumblevelsquare_smDeborah is the manager of the Plumb, Level, and Square fund that was created to honor her husband Tim McNeil and his mother Dorothy. As Deborah passed along to us: Plumb, level, square. Three words describing carpentry, and three words describing both the character and lives of Dorothy McNeil and her son, Tim McNeil. Plumb, because they were upright and experienced life fully; Level, because they lived truthful lives; and Square, because they were fair, honest, and direct people.

gottlieb_smStoryknife is beyond grateful for the support of Deborah and the Plumb, Level, and Square fund. The opportunity to honor Katherine Gottlieb in this way is incredibly special. Katherine has not just inspired and supported Dana’s dreams, but so many people in the state of Alaska through her role as President and CEO of Southcentral Foundation, the non-profit health arm of Cook Inlet Region, Inc., not to mention her participation as a CIRI shareholder, Old Harbor tribal member, and Seldovia tribal member.

We are now two weeks into our eight week end-of-year fundraising campaign. Plumb, Level, and Square’s donation has certainly put some gas in our tank, as well as the generosity of other folks who have wanted to take advantage of Nancy Nordhoff’s offer to match all donations to Storyknife until the end of the year. Remember, in your year-end giving, if you donate before 1/1/19, your donation will go twice as far. There are also still opportunities to memorialize an important person with your donation.

Every donation puts us that much closer to providing a place to honor and nurture women writers. We really want to break ground in April 2019, and with your help, we can. We are grateful, so very grateful, for all of you generous people. Thank you!

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