COVID-19 Update

In light of national efforts to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19), Executive Director Erin Hollowell and the board of Storyknife Writers Retreat have decided to cancel the April residency session.

Although there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Alaska, Storyknife is proceeding with an abundance of caution, especially in light of evolving restrictions. Those scheduled in April will have a chance to reschedule next year. We will make decisions going forward that allow residents in May and beyond at least two weeks advance notice.  We do not do this lightly, but with the understanding that many of our residents would be spending many hours traveling by plane and then be far from home and family. We want the writers’ residencies to be as stress-free and productive as possible.

We are closely monitoring several websites that you should also be paying attention to:

We expect that you are taking the same precautions that we are (especially when traveling):

  • wash your hands frequently with hot soapy water.
  • use a tissue for coughs.
  • avoid touching your face.
  • maintaining social distance and respecting self-quarantine suggestions.

Please know that we have the best interests of women writers at heart. Your story and your writing are so important to us. Take good care of yourselves and your family, friends, and community.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Update

  1. Oh. Ow. Of all the adjustments and worries and canceled events caused by this damn virus, this is the one that makes my heart break a little. It aches for the six writers whose fervent wishes were granted but then postponed. It aches for Dana, whose dream is so close, but delayed. It aches for Erin, who has put her heart and soul, and snow shoveling, into getting Storyknife ready. It aches for all the people, both paid and volunteers, who have worked so hard to be ready for this day.
    Oh Dana and Erin, I hope you have a stack of logs needing to be split to work off your disappointment and frustration. I’m so sorry.
    Stay well, all of you!

  2. Oh Debbie, we are so grateful to have the opportunity build Storyknife. We’re sorry that the April residents will have to wait until next year, but are holding on hope that things will settle down so that the May residents will meet Storyknife in all its glory.

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