Finishing touches

As we head toward our live stream Open House, we’re putting all the finishing touches on the Storyknife facilities. Today, Dave Gerard (of Gerard Houseworks and Homer Alaska Countertops) installed the signs for each of the cabins and Eva’s House.

Eva’s House.

The first one you’ll notice as you come to Storyknife is above the door to Eva’s House. This is a lovely piece of local birch that remained after the custom table for the house was completed. Dave finished it with an orca to acknowledge Eva’s deep relationship with the Prince William Sound orca pods, as well as her love of the nature in the Homer area. Peggy Shumaker and Joe Usibelli, along with over 217 other individual donors sponsored Eva’s House.

The sign for Dana’s Library.

Deborah McNeil and the Plumb, Level, and Square Fund sponsored the library in Eva’s House and named it for founder Dana Stabenow. For more information about the Storyknife depicted on this sign and the origin of the name for Storyknife, please read about it here.

Dana Stabenow and artist Dave Gerard.

On the furthest left facing the ocean is the Carol Cabin, named for Carol Murkowski Sturgulewski and sponsored by her mother-in-law Arliss Sturgulewski. Carol is a writer and very involved in many literary organizations in Alaska, including the Alaska Center for the Book. Her sign features a dashing writing quill as a nod to her work as a writer.

Carol Cabin

The middle cabin on the left side is the Betty Cabin, named for Betty Ann Rice and sponsored by her daughter Jeannie Penney. Jeannie told us that her mother was a great reader and loved red peonies. The sign for this cabin sure has the flare of those red flowers.

Betty Cabin

The cabin nearest Eva’s House on the left side is the Diana Cabin, named for Diana Tillion and sponsored by Cathryn Rasmuson. For this special sign, artist Dave Gerard reproduced images from Diana’s own children’s books that featured her own children. Nestled in a porthole, this sign reflects Diana’s great love of the nature of Halibut Cove.

Diana Cabin

On the right side of Eva’s House is the Evangeline Cabin, named for Evangeline Atwood and sponsored by the Atwood Foundation. This sign is created by Dan Gerard and features the Alaskan flag to honor Evangeline’s work as a historian and founder of many great Alaskan institutions.

Evangeline Cabin

The middle cabin on the right side is the Peggy Cabin, named after Peggy Shumaker and sponsored by her many friends, students, and admirers. Peggy is a teacher and poet who has touched the lives of so many Alaska writers, it would be impossible to count. Her sign pays homage to the two deserts she hails from, the Sonoran desert where she grew up and the subarctic desert of interior Alaska in Fairbanks where she lives much of the year. In the middle of these two beloved landscapes are her books.

Peggy Cabin

The cabin furthest out toward the pond and walking trails on the right side is the Katie Cabin, named for Katie Fox Vinberg Kashevarof and sponsored by Katherine Gottlieb, Southcentral Foundation, Carl Marrs, and the Old Harbor Native Corporation. Katie’s sign features the 108 foot crab vessel that bears her name and an Allutiq headdress and Russian church to signify her heritage.

Katie Cabin

We’re looking forward to showing you more of Storyknife at 1pm Alaska Time on Friday, June 19th during our Live Stream Open House on Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Finishing touches

  1. This is so spectacular. I’ve thought a lot about this effort ever since Dana first shared her vision with a small group of us several years ago. Many blessings to all those who have made this a reality and to the future writers who will benefit from this vision.

    1. These email updates make my heart sing! I’ll continue to apply, although I’m turning 74 this year. Four summers ago I spent one day in Homer, and I can’t get it out of my head and heart. It’s like a strong magnet – every day I think about returning. Thanks to all of you for accomplishing every small step to create this huge honoring of and for women.

  2. Beautiful signs, Dave Gerard. Each one is so individualized and wonderful, I can’t pick a favorite. All of them are splendid.

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