How are you doing?

No really. How are you doing? If you are reading these newsletters, I am assuming that you are either a woman writer or someone who supports the work of women writers. In other words, I assume you are the kind of person who cares and pays attention to the world. A person who may in this time be suffering the sadness and anxiety of a worldwide pandemic. A person who cares about the freedom and safety of Black lives. A person who looks toward our shared stories to find compassion and empathy.

So, you might be, as the kids say, “all in your feelings.” I am, too. I spend time at Storyknife and am sad that it is not filled with the sounds of keyboard tapping, pen scratching, story-telling  and community. I was looking forward to identifying the sandhill cranes that have been mustering overhead and the spruce grouse family ducking into the weeds along the trail. To explaining that now that the fireweed is reaching the top of its blossoms that someday soon, Storyknife will be adrift with the snow of its seeds. And then later in October, perhaps rejoicing with the women writers that frost has come and set the whole field to shining.

It’s my job to make sure that Storyknife is ready for the very moment that we can open safely. Part of that job is to take care of the physical manifestation of Storyknife – see that the yard is mown, check the buildings, water system, label the artwork. Part of that job is building selection, outreach, and operation procedures that are equitable and actually support the often marginalized voices of women, especially women of color, Alaska Native and Indigenous women. Part of that job is making sure that everyone who supports Storyknife knows that they (YOU!) are an important part of the community of Storyknife. And part of that job is securing the funds that keep the electricity flowing, the heat on, the gardeners (and wasp nest exterminators) working.

So I’m going to ask a couple of questions:

Please know that our thoughts are with all of the people who make up the Storyknife community. We hope that you, your family, and those close to you are well and safe.

Take good care of yourselves. Your stories are important. You are important.

take care,
Executive Director of Storyknife

Storyknife Writers Retreat on a sunny day in early August

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  1. “Hope springs eternal…” These newsletters/blog entries provide just that-thank you for the online presence. These newsletters keep dreams alive. Thank you!

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