January’s News

Welcome to 2021 at Storyknife! We’re preparing to open for residencies in June as we watch the COVID-19 vaccine roll out into communities across the United States.

Dave Gerard in his workshop

To help welcome residents, we have commissioned local artist Dave Gerard to make a sign for Storyknife. In this picture, he is standing up a cardboard mockup of the sign that will be positioned by the drive as you enter Storyknife. And here below is a rough rough sketch of the design he’ll be making. It’s hard to get a good feel for it without knowing the materials or depth, but Dave and his brother Dan made our beautiful dining room table, so we know they “get” the Storyknife aesthetic.

Rough rough sketch

What else is happening this month? Behind the scenes, policies are being written, budgets formalized, residencies rescheduled, and long-term calendars being put together. It may look quiet (and super icy) from the outside, but at Storyknife, we’re using this time to create a stable foundation for the longevity of the organization. We’re planning on starting our 2022 residency season application period in the mid to late summer.

One of our most-cherished goals is that a woman writer would be able to say, “I went to a residency at Storyknife, and my whole life changed.” We want time at Storyknife to be transformational, and we’re putting everything we can in place to make sure that it is.

I’d like to take this moment as we enter a new year, to thank all of the 2020 donors whose generosity helps us keep the lights on, the driveway plowed, heat flowing, and so many other necessities. We are humbled by your continued support, and we promise that with your donation you are giving women writers a time and place to pursue their craft. We can’t wait to show you the results of your vision.

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  1. Keeping artists working. One way or the other. Way to go! Be well Erin

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