All signs point to spring!

Welcome to springtime at Storyknife. Wait, back that up, there’s still plenty of snow, ice, and chill winds. But there is definitely a lot of more light and that sun is pretty dang powerful. Preparations for the June launch of Storyknife are underway. Sure, I can’t even see the planters on the deck and in the front of Eva’s House (still under a swale of snow), but I’m ordering salad greens and flower seeds.

One of the things that I cherish about Storyknife is how much love and attention is put into each part of the experience. Maura plans menus. I plan flowers and gardening and look to dietary needs and allergies and scheduling. On the walls, art by Alaskan women artists that complements each cabin and Eva’s House. Custom quilts, beautiful handmade pottery by Homer women potters…. and now Storyknife’s new sign.

We want every woman who spends time at Storyknife to know that she and her work are valued, and we want her to feel that from the first time she comes up the drive. So, we commissioned a sign from Dave and Dan Gerard. I talked with them about what we wanted in terms of structure, but those guys have been such an integral part of building Storyknife from the very beginning (remember the AMAZING dining table they made?) that they pretty much came up with the design on their own. And now it’s a reality.

Danny and Dave Gerard with the new sign and post joined by Founder, Dana Stabenow

It really means something to us that our local community artisans and supporters are behind Storyknife’s mission to give women writers the time and space to devote to their craft. And we are so looking forward to June when we can show the inaugural group that we care deeply about them and their writing.

June will be here before we know it. Keep watching for our open application period for 2022 that will open in the summer.

take care and stay safe,
Executive Director of Storyknife

Little closer view of the sign with Dave helping showcase!

4 thoughts on “All signs point to spring!

  1. This email came in at a tender time in my life. I cried with joy for the blessings of Storyknife, wishing (again) that I had been chosen to come there. Maybe someday…I can hold onto HOPE for a very long time.

  2. Love the sign. I hope that the women writers who come there this summer will do their best work. You guys have done a beautiful job.

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