Opportunity and food for thought

In 2022, Storyknife will have writers in residence from May through October. It hardly seems possible that it’s right around the corner, but it is and, in fact, we’re accepting applications for next year starting on August 1st through September 30th. All of the details of how to apply and what you’ll need are on Storyknife’s website at https://storyknife.org/how-to-apply/.

Meanwhile, I’ll give you a little food for thought. One of the aims of Storyknife is tell women writers from the moment they cross the threshold of Eva’s House that they and their writing are worth the care that has been taken for them. We show it in the art made by local women artists and potters. We show it in the beautiful quilts on the wall made by local women quilters and in the snuggly blankets on the bed. And we show it in the food that is prepared for them.

Here are a few pictures of the amazing food that Maura has prepared over the last two months to nourish the writers.

Roasted salmon with asparagus
Beetroot falafel with hummus
Lunch tableau by July writer in residence Kersten

At Storyknife, we believe that every word a woman writes changes the story of the world, revising the official version.

take care and stay safe,
Executive Director of Storyknife

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