October at Storyknife

On October 21st, the moon was setting just as the sunrise lit up Mt. Iliamna.

Next week marks the end of Storyknife’s first year in full operation. Five months of writers in residence. Five months of late night conversations over chai, long walks together, reading work to each other, gathering around the table to feast on Maura’s incredible dinners. Five months of lovesick moose, sandhill cranes, and a cheeky jay. Five months of lunch baskets, encouragement, shared laughter, and possibly some shared tears. Five months and pages and pages and pages of new writing in the world!

Right now, we are smack dab in the middle of adjudicating the applications that came in for 2022 season. Honestly, I wish we had room for every writer who applied, who has hopes and dreams to have unfettered time and space. So many dreamers. I want every woman who applied to know that her writing and her dream is important, even if we don’t have cabins for all of them. I promise that we’ll have the adjudication results ready by the end of November, beginning of December at the very latest.

Meanwhile, we are heading into the season of long nights curled up with books. The season of gratitude. I know that I speak for the board and for Maura and for myself when I say that we are grateful for all of the members of the Storyknife community. Each year that circle gets a little bigger and more vibrant. Thank you for being on this journey with us. We can’t wait to see what amazing things will happen next!

The Storyknife Board, Maura, and I will spend the deep winter months preparing for next year’s writers in residence who will start in April! We’ll be dreaming with all of you. Dreaming of all the amazing writing that will come into this world because the women of Storyknife made it so.

take care and stay safe,
Erin Hollowell, ED at Storyknife

2 thoughts on “October at Storyknife

  1. I love these updates about Storyknife. They help to keep all of us dreaming about the possibility of getting accepted some day. I’ve been in Homer just once – for just one day. I fell in love! Thank you for all your wonderful work on behalf of women writers.

  2. I’ve never been to Alaska and likely never will, but a piece of my heart is there at Storyknife as I’ve been with you in spirit during the entire process and happy to have my name on the wall. A friend of mine has applied for 2022, and I have all appendages crossed that she is chosen for a residency because she’s wonderful, talented, and it would be such a dream for her to attend. But either way, keep up the good work and I’ll be watching as Storyknife matures and the graduates give us excellent writing to ponder and enjoy.

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