Giving Tuesday? Giving every day.


November 30th is Giving Tuesday, but here at Storyknife we feel gratitude year-round. We are grateful to the people who have already donated toward our $25,000 challenge grant. We’re heading in the right direction and with your help, we’ll make it over the threshold. Can you include Storyknife in your year-end giving? Your donation is direct support of women writers. You give them the time and the space to write. You give them a place where they feel nourished, and where they form a community that will support them for the rest of their lives.

You have the opportunity to tell a woman writer that her voices matters.

Preeti Kaur wrote about her time in residence this July:

“My time at Storyknife was magical. It was my first writing residency. My initial days there I was overwhelmed with feelings of gratefulness that my voice mattered enough in the world that a team of people had carved out space in the world for me to write, in my own room.  I made wonderful friends with my fellow writers and we shared innumerable adventures —from long meandering talks while volcano-watching, to hiking to the glaciers, to orca-sighting while sea-kayaking, to learning the names of the Homer wildflowers on evening walks. The sun didn’t set for most of the month and I felt the light lifting me into the surreal belief that writing would carry me into the next horizon of knowing oneself and the world, to illuminating what had been buried within so as to make the world new again.”

Your support makes this experience possible for other women writers. If you donate now, you will let a woman know that her voice, her writing, her story is important and can make the world new again.

If you prefer to donate by check, please send your donation to Storyknife, PO BOX 75, Homer, AK 99603.

Remember, you can help reach that goal of the $25,000 challenge grant! Double your support by giving now.

take care and stay safe,

Executive Director of Storyknife

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