Endless Gratitude


Thank you!

It’s been an amazing year at Storyknife. We’ve gotten to host incredibly talented women writers and prepare for even more residencies in 2022.

Your generosity helped us reach two challenge grants this year. All donations go directly to support women writers having the time and the space to devote to their craft. Which means new books, stories, plays, poems, memoirs, essays, and movie scripts written by women with broader, more inclusive visions of the world for all of us to experience!

None of us could have predicted what the 2020s were going to be like, but your support has allowed Storyknife to get off the ground, and next year those wings will be even stronger and more far-reaching.

Thank you for being part of the Storyknife community. Your support for women writers and their stories is changing the world. Know that each and every one of you is cherished by all of us at Storyknife.

May 2022 bring all light and love and laughter into your lives.

take care and stay safe,

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