The Plan

The Future

Phase 1: On ten acres of view property just outside Homer, Alaska, Storyknife will be one of the very few residencies for women writers in the English-speaking world.  The facility will include six private cabins, a main house, and a garden.

Capital costs are estimated at $1,000,000.
6 Cabins ($50,000 each) $300,000
Main Building $250,000
Septic, Road, etc. $200,000
Furnishings $150,000
Staff and Publicity $30,000
Contingency $70,000

Phase 2: Raise funds for an endowment to keep Storyknife running in perpetuity.

The Residency

Storyknife will host six women writers each month for seven months each year.  Writers will submit applications to an admissions committee.  Residents who are selected will be responsible for their travel to and from the residency, but meals throughout their stay will be included.

Each cabin will have commanding views of four volcanoes and lower Cook Inlet.  Residents will be welcomed into their cozy, private cabins, and for the length of their stay will work uninterrupted in solitude and in peace.

Each morning they will make a simple breakfast in their cabins.  Lunch will be delivered by the retreat manager.  Each evening, at dinner time, all six residents will gather in the main house  for dinner and shop talk. In many ways the ability to talk shop with the other residents is as important as time and peace to write in.

At a time of her choosing during the residency, each resident will embark on an Alaskan adventure.  Halibut fishing, ocean kayaking, bear viewing, and flight-seeing are among the many options available and included at no cost.


8 thoughts on “The Plan”

  1. Teresa Cooper from North Carolina said:

    What a wonderful idea! I love your books, especially the Kate Shugak series. Have visited Homer and really liked the area. Wish I was wealthy so I could give you more.

  2. Thank you for your beautiful vision! Just found out about your effort through a post on FB by Hedgebrook. Gave what I could and I wish you the best of luck!

  3. Donna Aderhold said:

    What a wonderful idea. I look forward to watching it unfold.

  4. I would SO love to come and write here for a month… I love Alaska fiercely… I would think this place would be utterly inspirational.

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