Hooray! Storyknife is now a 501c3 nonprofit corporation!

Yes, I returned from the second Alaska Women’s Summit in Anchorage to find The Letter in Storyknife’s mailbox, complete with EIN and DLN and ID and every number we need to make us tax deductible.

The takeaway here is: From April 2, 2013, every dime anyone gives or gave Storyknife is tax deductible.

Now I can start asking people for money. Rejoice!! I am.

In the meantime, my friends Jason and Barbi have done heroic work all summer long in clearing trees from the Storyknife property, which they harvested for firewood. As soon as there is snow on the ground (or as soon as it has rained for long enough), Todd of K Martin Construction will be back to pull and burn stumps.


[Photos are taken from Storyknife. This is what our writers will see when they look up from their keyboards.]

Harvest moon from Storyknife, 2014 Neighbor. Augustine go poof this summer.P1010041

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11 thoughts on “Hooray! Storyknife is now a 501c3 nonprofit corporation!

  1. That’s awesome! Have you considered a Kickstarter campaign? You have something to show now (a 501c3, land, a business plan, already raised funds) and I think the Power of the Internets might very well be with you. We’d spread the word, certainly.

      1. Dang. How about an anthology with free stories submitted by female writers that would benefit the project? That way, all the writers would have a reason to spread the word (since their own contact info and bios would be in it). (If you think this is a good idea, I have a story I was going to publish but I could reserve it as a submission.)

  2. Congratulations! The paperwork is the hardest part. I’m sure Storyknife will make a huge contribution to the literary world! I hope that I will be able to volunteer in some way.

  3. Having just been through acquisition of a 501c3 designation for an arts project here in Northern California, I understand what a work intensive, frustratingly slow, detailed effort this was. GOOD ON YOU, LADY!! I so honor you for your support of female writers. Your respect for strong women so comes across in your writing. I send you all the positive energy I have to spare. BTW, some startlingly beautiful panoramas from your windows. How do your people ever ignore those scenes long enough to be productive?

  4. Dana, your writing makes me homesick for Alaska . ..and I’m not even from Alaska. I love reading stuff when I’ve been in the area or know the area and can so see the writer’s vision. Love your writing lady. Feel like I kinda know you. Yes, I realize that’s an illusion, but one that makes me a happy reader anyway. THANK YOU!

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