Yes, I returned from the second Alaska Women’s Summit in Anchorage to find The Letter in Storyknife’s mailbox, complete with EIN and DLN and ID and every number we need to make us tax deductible.

The takeaway here is: From April 2, 2013, every dime anyone gives or gave Storyknife is tax deductible.

Now I can start asking people for money. Rejoice!! I am.

In the meantime, my friends Jason and Barbi have done heroic work all summer long in clearing trees from the Storyknife property, which they harvested for firewood. As soon as there is snow on the ground (or as soon as it has rained for long enough), Todd of K Martin Construction will be back to pull and burn stumps.


[Photos are taken from Storyknife. This is what our writers will see when they look up from their keyboards.]

Harvest moon from Storyknife, 2014 Neighbor. Augustine go poof this summer.P1010041