Full rainbow over Storyknife. My camera lens wasn’t big enough to get it all in one frame but believe me when I say it was amazing.



So, not a lot of activity to report. Chiefly, we have yet to receive word from the IRS about our 501c3 status, and we can’t begin serious fund-raising until we have it.

To recap, we applied last February. In April they asked us for an additional document, which we provided, which they took as an opportunity to reset our application at zero, of which they informed us in May.

We called a few times between May and September, at which times they informed us they’ve been slammed with applications because of the recession, they haven’t been able to fill vacant positions because of the sequester, and they spent the summer traipsing back and forth to Capitol Hill, there to testify before Congress on their 501c4 problem. Please do note the difference in number from ours, but of course that backed everything up all across the board. Congress can be labor intensive.

So our vice president, Pati Crofut, called them in September to ask for an update. We were at the intermediate stage in the process, she was told, and call back in a month.

When we called back, the government was shut down. The IRS wasn’t even answering their phones. So when they reopened for business we called and asked for an official letter letting us know where we were. They were obligated to send us that letter within 30 days. That was in November. We’re still waiting.

Admit it. If I wrote this in a book, you wouldn’t believe it.

Actually, after the hullabaloo of the rollout the delay hasn’t been a bad thing. Everyone on our board has had one of those years, fires, moving, new twin grand-daughters, falling off a ladder and being incapacitated for a month.

It’s a brand new year, and we’ll be certified for 501c3 before too long, I hope, and when we are, the fireworks will go up here on Our grateful thanks to everyone who gave to us regardless last year. Stay tuned!