Our First Storyknife Fellow

It was harder than we thought it would be. So many fine pieces of writing to consider. Over and over, we wished that we could offer more than one residency. We made ourselves a promise to get all six cabins built as quickly as possible so that we could provide more opportunities for women to explore their own voices, write novels and poems and essays.

rogers_kim_hiresThis September, Kim Steutermann Rogers will be in residence as the first Storyknife Fellow. She moved to Hawaii with her husband, two dogs, and twelve boxes of belongings in 1999. “We’ll stay for one year,” she told her family and friends. That was 17 years ago. Now, Kim shadows scientists into rainforests, volcanic craters, and throughout the uninhabited atolls of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands to learn more about Hawaii’s endemic—and often endangered—flora and fauna. But, most days, she sits on her bum and attempts to churn out words appropriate to the science and place and people of it all—and tells herself she should exercise more. Kim holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Missouri School of Journalism and a Master of Fine Arts in Nonfiction from Antioch University Los Angeles. She is at work on a book about Mark Twain’s Hawaii and the psychological concept of place attachment. You can read clips of her work and her blog at www.kimsrogers.com.

We just couldn’t be more excited to host Kim while she explores her own writing to her heart’s content this September at Storyknife Writers Retreat, just outside Homer, Alaska.

Please do keep checking this blog for more information about the incredible members of our Advisory Council and how you can help Storyknife soar as a full-fledged writers’ residency for women. We’ll have exciting news unfolding all throughout the summer!

6 thoughts on “Our First Storyknife Fellow

  1. Out of curiosity, where–outside of Homer–is the retreat? :-0) I grew up north of Homer in a hamlet called “Clam Gulch.” What a wonderful place to live and grow! …and what a great retreat for a writer!

    1. Storyknife is about a mile and a half outside of Homer up the Kenai Peninsula. Not quite to Clam Gulch.

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