Announcing Open Application Period and Requesting Your Support

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As autumn begins to feel a little more like winter, Storyknife planning for 2020 is swinging into full gear. We have so much to tell you, but we’ll break it into three bite-size chunks.

 1. Residency applications will go live on November 1. You will find the link on this page of our website. If you want to get a jump on it, you’ll need a single document of up to 10 pages of writing that you’ve produced in the last two years. You’ll also have to answer the following questions in 2000 characters or fewer:

  • How have you sought to educate yourself as a writer? (Formal education not a prerequisite, but evidence of curiosity and learning in your applicable field is.)
  • What is your experience with publishing your work? (Publishing is not a prerequisite, but is considered a goal for writers who attend Storyknife.)
  • What project will you pursue while in residency? (Please note that you will be free to work on whatever writing you wish during residency. We simply are interested in what you think you’ll be pursuing.)

2. Gift Registries for Storyknife are now live! If you want to be the person who gives a writer her fluffy towels, you can do that. We’ve registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and It’s quite a varied list, so please take bit to look around, and then be part of our HOUSEWARMING, or perhaps I should say Residency-Warming.

 3. We have $59,000 left to raise for our annual fundraising goal this year. Dana and I know that this is the season of charitable giving. We hope that you will consider donating to Storyknife and helping us reach our goal.

Your donation makes it possible for women to write. Plain and simple, every dollar you donate to Storyknife makes it possible for a woman to be given the gift of undisturbed time and space and an uplifting community.

For instance:

  • $1000 donation pays for one month of facilities maintenance including groundskeeping and landscaping.
  • $500 donation pays to feed one writer for a month.
  • $250 donation pays for one round of housekeeping for the cabins (done at the end of each residency period).
  • $150 donation pays for one month of phone and internet.
  • $50 donation keeps the lights on for one writer for a month.
  • $25 donation connects one writer to the internet for a month. 

Please help us reach our goal this year. You can donate online, or send a check to Storyknife at PO Box 75, Homer, AK 99603. Donations are tax-deductible.

Remember, the community of Storyknife is what makes it all possible. THANK YOU. Dana and I are beyond thrilled that April 2020 will be the first residency of what we hope is a long legacy of fostering women writers.

Erin Coughlin Hollowell
Storyknife Executive Director

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