Thankful for so many things….

You. We are thankful for you.

You, who care about women writers.
You, who read women writers and support their work by buying their books and watching their movies and plays.
You, women writers who show up to the page with your stories and sculpt them into art.
You, contractors, craftsmen, and artists who are making Storyknife a beautiful haven for women writers.
You, foundations and individuals who have trusted us to use your donations to build Storyknife.
You, Storyknife board members and advisory council members who are creating the stable foundation upon which Storyknife is built.

You, who have given of your time, of your money, of your talent, of your heart to Storyknife.

As we unpack items from the gift list, as we deposit donations, as we put the shine on the floors and window sills, we are thankful.

As we look over the applications from all around the United States and the world, as we answer questions from curious writers, as we communicate with Indigenous and Alaska Native women writers, we are thankful.

As we stand on the porch of Eva’s House and sweep our eyes to the left and see three completed cabins and then sweep our eyes to the right and see three completed cabins. As we look out on Mt. Augustine and Mt. Iliamna. As we feel the rightness and usefulness of Eva’s House behind us, we are thankful.

Storyknife is growing. We’re hiring a chef. We’re putting together adjudication panels. Applications are rolling in. We’re learning more and more about the ways we can support the writing of women writers.

And we’re thankful. Thank you for being part of the Storyknife community. If you’ve given this year already, thank you. If you are considering including Storyknife in your year-end donations, please know that every donor matters to us. If you are holding us in your heart and wishing us success, thank you; we feel your enthusiasm and care.

In this season and all seasons, Thank you.


Erin Coughlin Hollowell
Storyknife Executive Director

Storyknife Writers Retreat
PO Box 75
Homer, AK 99603

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