Celebrate the light.

Bishop’s Beach, Solstice 2017

In Alaska, we pay very close attention to the light. On Solstice, we’re slated to get about 5 hours and 58 minutes. Every year, I try to be on Bishop’s Beach in Homer to see the sun come over the mountains on Solstice. Last year it was cloudy, so the picture above is from 2017. I’ll be there this year to celebrate the light, because 2020 is going to be filled with light at Storyknife.

In April, we’ll have our first full cohort of women writers in the cabins. Between then and now, we’ll be furnishing and decorating, but as of this week, the construction phase is complete. So, tip your hats to Scott Bauer of Creative Carpentry and a host of other craftsmen who have worked so hard to build Storyknife. (Especially Fred Pfiel and Eric Fenger whose attention to detail can be seen everywhere.)

As of today, there are eleven days remaining in our application period. The window closes on December 31st at midnight Mountain Time, so don’t delay. The application and information is here. Knowing the vagaries of technology, I’d suggest getting your application in sooner rather than later. 

Also as of today, there are eleven days remaining in our 2019 Capital Campaign and for items to be purchased from our gift registries. In this season of light, please give to Storyknife. There are still gifts at many different price levels and we need them all! Remember, every dollar donated to Storyknife directly supports women writers. You provide the space and time they need to truly devote themselves to their writing. 

Storyknife is Dana Stabenow’s dream. You, the many people who support Storyknife, the many people who will write in the cabins, eat at the table in Eva’s House, are the reality.

Thank you for being part of the Storyknife community.

Erin Hollowell
Storyknife Executive Director

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  1. I would love to purchase a gift for one of the cabins, but cannot find information on AMAZON re: how to do this. Entering “Storyknife” just brings up 2 CDs.Thanks – Laura Lee Perkins

  2. OK – I didn’t realize the link was live. It looked the same color on my screen.Gift sent from AMAZON -Laura Lee Perkins

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