Peggy’s Cabin in Winter

Peggy and Katie Cabins enjoying some snow

Winter weather has turned into the slippery sort. We think that we’re going to have some of the white, and then the rain comes back. But I did manage to snap a shot while we had some snow. Storyknife sure is peaceful every time of year, but there is something about the snow-laden spruce and the expanse of white.

Construction of the Peggy Cabin is complete, even if the fundraising isn’t.  We have currently raised $29,634.35 toward the $50,000 goal. That includes 79 separate donations. 

I had been hoping to wrap up the fundraising for Peggy’s Cabin by the end of the year, but it may have to continue into 2020. Do not worry; I am not daunted in the least. I know that we will raise the remaining $20,365.oo!

Many people donate to nonprofit organizations at the end of the fiscal year, and guess where we are! So, if you do have an opportunity to speak with anyone y0u know whose life has been touched by Peggy, please share with them the donation link ( Also, when you see Storyknife promoting this campaign on Facebook, a little sharing and liking goes a long way!

I’m so grateful to all of the people who have been part of this portion of the project. I’m so grateful that we are able to honor Peggy this way. I’m so grateful that women writers will sit down in the Peggy Cabin at Storyknife, pull one of Peggy’s books off the bookshelf, and feel enveloped by the generosity and kindness that exemplifies her. 

Incredible People doing Incredible Things for Peggy’s Cabin
Adrian Elizabeth Koesters
Alberto & Lupita Rios
Angela Allen
Ann Batchelor Hursey
Ann E Beman
Anne McDuffie
Anne Thomas Donaghy
Annette Alleva
Barbara Baugh
Bill Capossere
Brenda Miller
Camille T Dungy
Carol Kaynor
Carol Swartz
Cathy Rasmuson
Charlotte Fox
Cottonwood Fund
Cynthia Hogue
Darien Hsu Gee
Debbie Clarke Moderow
Dinah Lenney
Emily Wall
Fleda S Brown
Francesca Bell
Gretchen Weiss-Brooks
Heather Lende
Holly Hughes
Jeanne E Clark
Jennie Goode
Jenny Apostol
Jeremy Pataky
Jill M. Johnson
Jo and Peter Michalski
Julie Filapek
Kate Carroll De Gutes
Katharine Coles
Kathleen Flenniken
Katie Eberhart
Katrina M Hays
Kelli Russell Agodon
Kes Woodward
Kim and Eric Steutermann Rogers
Linda and Larry Martin
Lisa Morin Carcia
Lita Kurth
Margaret Ann Flaherty
Margaret Baker
Margo Klass and Frank Soos
Mari L’Esperance
Mark Rozema
Michael Schmeltzer
Nancy Lord
Nicole Stellon O’Donnell
Northwoods Book Arts Guild
Pamela M Uschuk
Paula J.S. Martin
Rebecca McClanahan
Richard Chiappone
Rick Barot
Robert Davidson
Ron Koertge
Ronald Smith
Sara Loewen
Sherry Nanninga Walker
Sherry Simpson
Susan Campbell
Susan Sugai
Susan Walker
Susanna Mishler
Tina Schumann
Tobi Harper, Kate Gale, and Mark Cull of Red Hen Press
Tom Kizzia
Wendy R Willis

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