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A cup of tea and a book on an autumn picnic table with the heading "What's Your Story?"

Here we are, almost half-way through October. At Storyknife, that means first frost and lots of curious moose. 2020 hasn’t been the year any of us thought it would be. I thought that I’d be telling you of about all of the amazing writers who have been sitting at the desk in the Peggy Cabin or the Carol Cabin. The writers out by the pond watching the sandhill cranes and writing in their notebooks. The incredible meals at that beautiful dining room table, filled with talk of storylines and poems and new scripts.

That hasn’t happened. Yet. It will. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you in the loop.

Meanwhile, I figure that if you are reading this website, you are either a writer interested in a writing residency or you’re the kind of person who reads a lot and wants to support women writers. So, I have a favor.

As the light slips away and the cold buckles in, I want to gather together stories to share with you, through newsletters and social media. Will you send me one lovely paragraph that:

  • recommends a really good book by a woman writer, or
  • tells us about a woman writer that has made a difference in your writing or reading life, or
  • contains an inspiring quote by a woman writer, or
  • tells us about what your writing means to you.

 If you’re a writer, include your website or social media account details.

During November, I’ll share some of what that you’ve sent. We’ll gather together around our own virtual campfire and talk about writing and reading.

So, what’s your story?

Send it to

Take good care of yourselves. Your stories are important. You are important.

Be safe,

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