Summer comes to Storyknife

It is high summer at Storyknife. We’ve hosted three cohorts of women writers, offering the time and space to devote to their writing. That means twenty-one women have slept deeply, watched sunsets, gathered together for dinner conversations and walks, and spent numerous hours putting words on the pages. It also means that there are fourContinue reading “Summer comes to Storyknife”

More writers at Storyknife in 2017

In 2016 Storyknife hosted its inaugural Fellow, Kim Steutermann Rogers, for the month of September. Kim arrived on September 1st and departed on September 30th. While she was here she wrote 249 pages, which was better than I did that month. She integrated so fully into the Homer community that total strangers came up toContinue reading “More writers at Storyknife in 2017”

Introducing a new member of the Storyknife team!

Everyone, meet Erin Coughlin Hollowell, Storyknife’s new executive director! Poet by day, non-profit maven the rest of the time, she’s come on board to help get this party started. But first, get to know her a little. I’m a poet all the way out at the end of the road that has been working on andContinue reading “Introducing a new member of the Storyknife team!”

Storyknife at Anchorage Rotary

[My remarks at Anchorage Rotary yesterday, as follows, and my thanks to Jon Deisher for making it happen.] I have to start with a story, because you know that’s what I do. A guy walks into a bookstore, the Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, Arizona. He tells the owner, Barbara Peters, that he left his bookContinue reading “Storyknife at Anchorage Rotary”

Writer Dana Stabenow Launches Campaign to Build Storyknife Retreat in Homer – Alaska Business Monthly

Fabulous (and very generously long) article about Storyknife in the August issue of Alaska Business Monthly: Writer Dana Stabenow Launches Campaign to Build Storyknife Retreat in Homer – Alaska Business Monthly – April 2013 – Anchorage, AK.