Summer comes to Storyknife

It is high summer at Storyknife. We’ve hosted three cohorts of women writers, offering the time and space to devote to their writing. That means twenty-one women have slept deeply, watched sunsets, gathered together for dinner conversations and walks, and spent numerous hours putting words on the pages.

It also means that there are four months and twenty-seven women who will have this opportunity this year before the snows close in. (If you are interested in who has been in residence at Storyknife, you can check out our Alums and Fellows page on the website. )

Arielle Lowe, one of May’s writers in wrote of her residency:

Storyknife gave me a regenerative and safe place to heal in a number of ways. Never have I felt so thoroughly cared for. As women, it’s rare to have all of our needs provided when we are so often meeting the needs of others. After years of being in survival mode, I was given the support and peace to look inside myself and find joy once again in my passions and my own company. The staff, my cohort, and the physical place all fed my entire being and allowed me to connect with the deepest parts of myself, where my writing comes from. I am so full of gratitude for the nourishing meals, the culture of care, and the deep respect for women writers of all backgrounds and origins. Hu sen agradesi hamyo, famalao’an gi Storyknife (my deepest gratitude to you all, the women of Storyknife).

It would difficult for me to adequately express how incredible it is to watch how each woman unfolds during her residency and how each cohort comes together with its own particular rhythm.

I’d like to take this moment to thank every person who had supported Storyknife this year through a donation in any amount. Each donation makes it possible for Storyknife to exist and for women writers to receive the gift of time and space to practice their craft.

If supporting women writers is important to you as well and you’d like to donate to Storyknife, please know that we take donations online and by check. Recurring donations are particularly helpful to both the giver and to Storyknife as they spread your support throughout the year in smaller increments.

Please join us!


Each month for the rest of this year, Storyknife will be partnering with the 49 Writers, a statewide nonprofit devoted to Alaskan writers, to provide a space for our writers to share their work. “Live from Storyknife” will feature readings by the women in residence that month. If you’d like to see May’s session, you can watch a recording on the 49 Writers website.

Then join us for June’s session on June 24 at 6pm (Alaska Time). All of the information is on the 49 Writers website.

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