Looking forward joyfully. Looking behind joyfully.

Dear Storyknife Community,

As the year closes out and the daylight starts to increase, it gives those of us behind the scenes at Storyknife great pleasure to look back joyfully and look forward joyfully.

We are so grateful to the 48 amazing women writers who were in residence at Storyknife in 2022. Our lives have been enriched immeasurably by getting know you, and by knowing that you will be changing the world by putting your stories into it.

We are so grateful to the 625 women who dreamed of coming to Storyknife in 2023. Even though there isn’t room for all of you, we are staggered by your trust that Storyknife has something to offer to you and your writing. We hope that you will continue to write and that we will see you snug in a Storyknife cabin sometime in the future.

We are so grateful to the 52 women writers who will be joining us at Storyknife in 2023. We know that you will bring new energy, new stories, and new beauty to Storyknife, and we look forward to helping you bring your dreams to the page.

AND, we are especially grateful to the 255 people who have donated to support the women writers of Storyknife this year. We cannot do this without all of you, and all of your gifts, small and large, help make it possible for Storyknife to provide women with the time and space to devote to their writing. We are especially grateful to those of you who have given in the last two and a half months so that we could meet our $50,000 challenge grant! Because of you, we made it! This generosity will ring in 2023 at Storyknife on the brightest of notes. Thank you!

May 2023 bring light and love and laughter to all of you. From all of us at Storyknife, thank you. What an incredible year it has been, and what an amazing year 2023 will be!

Take care and stay safe,
Executive Director of Storyknife

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