Still Springing….

I have exciting news. It’s a busy month for Storyknife and its founder Dana Stabenow! For Dana, her new book Not the Ones Dead, the 23rd book in the Kate Shugak series, has just released. For Storyknife, Dana had offered a challenge to match her $6,000 commitment to a fellowship and travel scholarship. We’ve raised $2500 toward that goal in just two weeks.

This weekend, we had a wonderful addition to the challenge: The Poisoned Pen Bookstore, amazing mecca to all things literary, has jumped in to double the challenge! They will match another fellowship and travel scholarship.

We’re going to give ourselves a little more time to do this – but we’re now aiming for $12,000 by May 15th! We need to raise about $9,500 in the next four weeks to succeed. Please help us. If you are a fan of Dana’s work, help support her dream – Storyknife, which provides the gift of time and space to write that Dana received so early in her career from Hedgebrook.

You could be supporting ANOTHER incredible writer like Dana Stabenow! If you’d like to dedicate your donation to Dana, or to anyone else who has positively impacted your life, please let us know on the donation form.

Thank you Dana and all of the fine folks at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale, Arizona. And thank you to the wonderful people who have already gotten the ball rolling by donating. We hope you’ll be next to support the amazing women writers of Storyknife.

Take care,

Storyknife Executive Director

PS If you want to read about an amazing poet that was in residence for the first two weeks of this month – please join us in congratulating Denise Lajimodiere, North Dakota’s first Native American poet laureate. It was our honor to host her here at Storyknife.

Also, please join us for the first online Storyknife Live event, featuring all of the April Writers on April 27th! More info to come!

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