Still Springing….

I have exciting news. It’s a busy month for Storyknife and its founder Dana Stabenow! For Dana, her new book Not the Ones Dead, the 23rd book in the Kate Shugak series, has just released. For Storyknife, Dana had offered a challenge to match her $6,000 commitment to a fellowship and travel scholarship. We’ve raisedContinue reading “Still Springing….”

Remembering 2022 on Giving Tuesday

As the end of the year starts to come into sight and we begin preparing for 2023, here’s a short video to remind us all of the amazing women writers who have been in residence at Storyknife in 2022. And while we’re reminding folks, we’ve $13,500 left to raise to meet our $50,000 challenge grant.Continue reading “Remembering 2022 on Giving Tuesday”

The Importance of Women’s Voices

As we work through the third round of the adjudication process for next year’s residencies, I am reminded of how important women’s stories are and how difficult it is for women to find the time and space to tell them. Each writing sample has its own spark and every woman has a compelling reason toContinue reading “The Importance of Women’s Voices”

An audacious leap forward

The 2022 Storyknife residency season is wending its way to the close. At the end of this month, the cabins will be put to rest for the winter, awaiting the creativity and bustle of April 2023’s writers. The kitchen will fall silent; no more sizzling and bubbling and laughter until next year. In another week,Continue reading “An audacious leap forward”