Storyknife Adjudication Results

Yesterday, I was filled with contradictory feelings. I sent out all of the invitations, waitlist notifications, and rejections letters for the 2023 Storyknife season. I knew that there would be excitement from those invited and even those waitlisted, but that there would be an even longer list of those who were bitterly disappointed. For everyoneContinue reading “Storyknife Adjudication Results”

The Importance of Women’s Voices

As we work through the third round of the adjudication process for next year’s residencies, I am reminded of how important women’s stories are and how difficult it is for women to find the time and space to tell them. Each writing sample has its own spark and every woman has a compelling reason toContinue reading “The Importance of Women’s Voices”

Upcoming excitement at Storyknife

So many wonderful things happening at Storyknife this summer! We’ve had twenty-eight women writers in residence so far. The cabins and Eva’s House are humming with people hard at work, dreaming new worlds and new words into existence. Each month, Storyknife partners with the 49 Writers, a statewide nonprofit devoted to Alaskan writers, to provideContinue reading “Upcoming excitement at Storyknife”