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Last week, I gave a little pep talk about Giving Tuesday. I asked you to think of all the women writers whose books never got published. Heck, those books, plays, poems never even got written, because the laundry needed doing, kids needed feeding. Or worse, women writers were actively prevented from becoming literate. How many women’s stories were taken away from them? How often were they told that their story was unnecessary, or that it was too bold, too shrill? How many times was their very language and culture deemed illegal?

And now that women writers are getting their words on to the page, how many don’t get published? Can’t find an agent? Can’t get taken seriously? How many of them can’t get their book reviewed or placed on the front table of the bookstore because that space has been reserved for the “big names” who happen to be men? How many screenplays languish because they feature strong women and are written by them? Because they won’t appeal to the “market”?

By fostering women writers, Storyknife wants to open the doors for those stories, elevate them, create a community that supports them.

Today, December 3rd, Americans come together for Giving Tuesday.

All of you are part Storyknife’s family. If you haven’t yet donated this year, let me assure you that every dollar that you give Storyknife is used to nurture women writers. It creates a generous and intentional space in which they have a chance to write their stories, poems, plays, movies, essays, memoirs, and more.

So, please include Storyknife in your year-end giving, today on Giving Tuesday or any time. You can donate online or the tried-and-true check to PO Box 75, Homer, AK 99603. If you donate early in the day on Tuesday on Facebook, Storyknife could have the chance to have those funds doubled.

Storyknife is Dana Stabenow’s dream. You, the many people who support Storyknife, the many people who will write in the cabins, eat at the table in Eva’s House, are the reality.

Thank you for being part of the Storyknife community.

Erin Hollowell
Storyknife Executive Director

Storyknife Writers Retreat
PO Box 75
Homer, AK 99603

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