A few words from Storyknife’s Inaugural Fellow – Kim Steutermann Rogers

She’d already given me a brief tour of Frederica cabin. Brief because the cabin is perfectly sized small. Brief because I sensed she did not want to intrude on what would be my writing space and home for the next month. Brief because I sensed something else going on. As she walked out the doorContinue reading “A few words from Storyknife’s Inaugural Fellow – Kim Steutermann Rogers”

Our First Storyknife Fellow

It was harder than we thought it would be. So many fine pieces of writing to consider. Over and over, we wished that we could offer more than one residency. We made ourselves a promise to get all six cabins built as quickly as possible so that we could provide more opportunities for women to exploreContinue reading “Our First Storyknife Fellow”

Preparing the Cabin

On May 12th, we mounted the sign on the Frederica cabin, readying for September’s resident. The cabin has been named after Frederica de Laguna, an ethnologist, anthropologist, archeologist, and writer. William W. Fitzburgh writes, “De Laguna, known to friends and colleagues throughout her life as ‘Freddy,’ spent the first two decades of her professional lifeContinue reading “Preparing the Cabin”

Storyknife Fellow Residency Announced

The first official Storyknife Writers Residency will be awarded this spring for a residency during the month of September. On ten acres of view property just outside Homer, Alaska, Storyknife will be one of the very few residencies for women writers in the English-speaking world. Eventually, the facility will include six private cabins, a main house,Continue reading “Storyknife Fellow Residency Announced”

Introducing a new member of the Storyknife team!

Everyone, meet Erin Coughlin Hollowell, Storyknife’s new executive director! Poet by day, non-profit maven the rest of the time, she’s come on board to help get this party started. But first, get to know her a little. I’m a poet all the way out at the end of the road that has been working on andContinue reading “Introducing a new member of the Storyknife team!”

And so it begins…

You’ll recognize Storyknife builder Scott Bauer on the left, and that’s Jeff Middleton on the digger. They’re looking for water problems where we want to build and not finding any, yay! These are baby steps, as we have yet to begin serious fund-raising, mostly because we haven’t received our 501(c)(3) certification from the IRS yet.Continue reading “And so it begins…”